The School of Kingdom Writers

Americans are consuming more media than ever before. Books, videos, social networks, advertisements, and podcasts all share one thing in common—they all begin with a writer.

The School of Kingdom Writers is a 2-year program for individuals who are gifted and called to use creative writing as a ministry. We will raise up a new generation of ministers who are skilled and empowered to reclaim our media spaces for Jesus.

This full-time, intensive school in Zanesville, Ohio will train students to be ministers of the Holy Spirit, and to take their Kingdom experiences and values to the world through print and digital media.  Aspiring novelists, bloggers, essayists, poets, and podcasters will learn to write, will learn how to leverage the media industry, and will deepen their relationship with Christ. They will change the world for Jesus.

To advance the Kingdom of God, great writers need more than a technical skillset, they need to live a life worth writing about.

The School of Kingdom Writers is presently under development by Brad and Melissa Pauquette, with initial classes slated for fall 2021.

The School of Kingdom Writers is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.