Redeeming the American Media

A 2-year apprenticeship program for writers who are called and gifted to craft amazing stories that disrupt the American media.

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Twelve students per year will be trained in our full-time, intensive, on-site program.

Aspiring novelists, podcasters, bloggers, and social media content creators who are sold out for Jesus will learn the skills and tools they need to craft amazing content that transforms the American media.

We are now recruiting our 2021 class.



Friends & Supporters

This mission will be 100% self-sustaining and tuition-funded in 2023.  Until that time, we’re asking the community of believers to pray for this mission, to give financially, and to share this mission with others.

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We are actively developing this mission. Watch our news section for new information, events, resources, and progress reports.

April Contest Winner – Jenni Meade!

April Contest Winner – Jenni Meade!

We received so many amazing submissions to our April writing contest. Thank you to everyone who took a risk and submitted their work for consideration. We had a lot of fun reading them. Take a moment right now to enter our May Writing Contest. We want your stories on...

FAQ: What Theology Do You Teach?

FAQ: What Theology Do You Teach?

"What theology do you teach?" This is a common question that we receive, and it’s a good one! We genuinely view the question a little differently than most organizations, so please believe we’re not trying to skirt the issue. The truth is that we, as an organization,...

May Writing Contest: A House Divided

May Writing Contest: A House Divided

The quote is often misattributed to Abraham Lincoln, but Jesus said it first, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to write a short story on the theme A House Divided. Division is everywhere. In our country, in...

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