American entertainment is broken. Let’s replace it.

We are training a new generation of storytellers to invade American entertainment media with stories that advance the Kingdom of God.


Twelve students per year are accepted into our full-time, intensive, on-site program.

Aspiring novelists, podcasters, bloggers, and social media content creators who are sold out for Jesus learn the skills and tools they need to craft amazing content that transforms the American media.

We are now accepting applications for our 2022 class.



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This mission will be 100% self-sustaining and tuition-funded in 2023.  Until that time, we’re asking the community of believers to financially support this mission.

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Netflix vs. The Acorn

Netflix vs. The Acorn

Do you know how Netflix became Netflix? Imagine, 25 years ago, Netflix was this rinky-dink service of questionable legality that mailed DVDs to your house. But enough people believed in the value of the service that they gave $10 a month to it. Today, with 73 million...

Break Out of Hollywood’s Cage

Break Out of Hollywood’s Cage

Guest post by Anya Israel People love stories. Movies, novels, TV shows, audio dramas, plays, all of it. We want good storytelling that captures our imagination, shocking plot twists that put us on the edge of our seats, and clear resolutions that leave us pondering....

Isn’t watching a movie so embarrassing?

Isn’t watching a movie so embarrassing?

Guest post by Thirzah Griffioen We’ve all experienced it before. You’ve just found a new movie to watch, and you want to show your parents, friends, or children. So you set a date for a movie night. You pop the popcorn, set up the TV, turn on the movie, and-- oh, is...

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