American entertainment is broken. Let’s replace it.

We are training a new generation of storytellers to invade American entertainment media with stories that advance the Kingdom of God.


Twelve students per year are welcomed into our full-time, intensive, on-site program in Zanesville, Ohio.

We also offer part-time, online training courses.

Aspiring novelists, podcasters, bloggers, and social media content creators who are sold out for Jesus learn the skills and tools they need to craft amazing content that transforms the American media. 


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This mission is partially tuition-funded. In order to keep the cost reasonable so that our students can graduate debt-free, we rely on your generous support.  Will you help us fund this important mission?

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The Indirect Object of Our Affection

The Indirect Object of Our Affection

The other day I asked my kids why we celebrate Thanksgiving. The three-year-old said “Jesus,” which is usually a failsafe answer, but in this case, unfortunately wrong. Of course we talked about the pilgrims surviving the first winter and their friendship with the...

Invest in One Day of Kingdom Media

Invest in One Day of Kingdom Media

Thank you. With your help, we are mobilizing hundreds of writers to flood American media spaces with the Gospel. This is your opportunity to invest in the media you want to see in the world. In addition to our tuition and regular donors, we need to fundraise about...

Unbelievers are not the enemy

Unbelievers are not the enemy

Unbelievers aren’t the enemy in this war, they’re the innocent civilians. If the last sixty years of American military conflict has taught us anything, it’s that you can defeat the opposing military, but still lose the war. In this mission to redeem the American...

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