Purchase a Section of Interior Wall

You Can Turn This:

No Wall

Into This:

New Wall

Walls really bring the place together, you know? We’re into the open floorplan, but there are a few areas, like bathrooms, where walls will be nice.

Your donation purchases the studs, drywall, and insulation to build a 4′ section of wall.

Change the world by purchasing one 4′ long, floor-to-ceiling section of interior wall for just $75.

$75 – One Time

We will use the funds you provide to purchase and install one 4′ section of interior wall. For the life of the wall, we’ll proudly display your name on a nameplate on the wall.

*All pictures are provided as references. Exact materials may change. The nameplate is not exactly how your name will appear, but is provided as an example.


Donor Recognition Plate

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