Purchase a Commercial Window

You Can Turn This:

Old Stairs

Into This:

New Stairs

Having more than one floor is especially nice if you have a way to move between them! Give our students some stairs to use.

It’s important that they can go upstairs, so that they can be closer to God. (that’s a joke)

Change the world by purchasing one stair for $600 or $50 per month.

$50/month (for 12 months)

Please check the “Recurring payment” box on the next page.

$600 – One Time

We will use the funds you provide to purchase and install a portion of a staircase. This cost includes the materials, labor, design, and permitting. For the life of the staircase, we’ll proudly display a marker denoting your generosity on the riser of one of the stairs, in the name of your choice.

*Note that the stairs pictured above and the nameplate** are not exactly what will be purchased, but are provided as examples.

 **Unless you change your name to Mercer.

Donor Recognition Plate

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