Purchase a Student Workstation

You Can Turn This:

Old Building Workspace

Into This:

New Workspace

If these students are going to change the world, they’re going to need a hard surface to do it upon.

Your donation provides everything for the student workstation. The desk, the chair, the flooring beneath it, even the power strip. With your help, these students will be producing content that challenges, comforts, and entertains us, and changes the American media.

Change the world by purchasing one student workstation for just $1,800 or $150 per month.

$150/month (for 12 months)

Please check the “Recurring payment” box on the next page.

$1,800 – One Time

Your donation to our building fund will provide one student workstation. For the life of the desk, we’ll proudly display a marker denoting your generosity, in the name of your choice.

*Note that the window pictured above and the nameplate** are not exactly what will be purchased, but are provided as examples.

 **Unless you change your name to Mercer.

Donor Recognition Plate

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