Guest Post by Leanna Hampton


“I can’t believe people watch that show! It’s basically just action scenes and gratuitous sex,” your friend says at Bible study.

This is the moment in the conversation where you decide which version of yourself you’re going to be.

Because you actually do watch that show. Moreover, you kind of like it. Now you are trapped! You try not to squirm in your seat as the conversation flows around you while other Judgy-Julies unknowingly heap condemnation on your head. 

Feeling like a fraud in front of your Christian friends is awful, but sometimes it’s not any better at the workplace.

The Break Room Trap

“Hey, did you see that last episode of Outlander?” your coworker asks in the break room.

If you did watch the show, is it safe to admit it? Will you be judged for your choices? Your coworkers know you call yourself a Christian, after all. Maybe you did watch it and you feel slightly guilty about it. You wonder: Should I really be watching it in the first place? 

If Outlander isn’t your thing, insert your favorite “guilty-pleasure” show in your mind right now. 

Maybe you were tired of feeling left out of the daily conversations about the most popular Netflix shows. Or you just wanted to be that cool Christian who is totally comfortable and down to earth with non-Christians. 

But in your heart, you know that last night you had to squash the voice of the Holy Spirit when you clicked the play button on the Roku.

Leanna’s Media Story

I’ve been there. For years, Netflix was my number one source for after-work relaxation. My job left me feeling empty, so to escape, I watched a lot of things I wish I could unsee. When I say hours of binge watching, I literally mean hours. It was the only way I could face the lonely evenings and avoid going to sleep, which only brought the next day of work that much faster.  

My experience taught me that the more worldly media I watched, the lower my moral standards fell. Trapped between two worlds, I lived in a state of shame for these compromises. 

Now, God has graciously given me the opportunity to be part of the solution. He’s calling me to a higher purpose. I am a Kingdom Media Warrior and Content Creator.

As a student at the School of Kingdom Writers, I am learning how to create content like books, TV, and podcasts that will flood the world with God’s love and light. 

You may not be ready to change careers or even cancel Netflix, but you can become part of the solution right now! Stepping into the battle as a Media Warrior is easier than you think.

You’re a Warrior: Step into Battle 

Step One: Listen to the Spirit. 

Let nothing hold you back from the freedom God created just for you.  

If you are unsure what media you should consume, listen for the nudge of the Holy Spirit. The next time you hit play, ask God if the show is filling you with His light or steeping your spirit in darkness. 

Then, whatever answer you feel or hear, act on it! Whether that’s cutting out a show, stopping Netflix, or throwing the TV out of a second story window.

Following His lead always brings freedom.

Step Two: Join the Battle Against Media Darkness! 

Donate $9 to the School of Kingdom Writers.

While you wait for God to reveal his perfect plan for your media intake, you can rest easy knowing that you are funding new media for the Kingdom! One hundred percent of your money goes to funding the school’s mission. 

We are raising money to renovate our building so that we can fill it with students who are ready to reclaim the media for Christ. Your money can help us get the building finished by next school year!

I challenge you to take at least $9 out of your coffee or Chipotle budget this week to advance the kingdom.

Learn more about the fundraiser here.

Step Three: Watch the Media Change

Great content is already coming out of our school that won’t leave you feeling like a fraud at Bible study or in the break room at work!

God is Creative. He is planting ideas even now for new TV shows, movies, podcasts, novels, kids books, and streaming content that brings him glory. 

Your support is fueling a group of committed writers who hunger and thirst for God’s righteousness in the media.

Your money is turning the tide in this Kingdom Media battle. 

Thank you for joining us in the victory over darkness!

Leanna Hampton, the author of this guest post, is a first-year student at the School of Kingdom Writers. She is a member of our full-time on-site program in Zanesville, Ohio.

Leanna is passionate about helping Christians connect with God and hear His voice. Find more of her work and join her mailing list at LeannaHampton.com

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