Arche Year – Training Christian Novelists

Are you a Christian with aspirations to write a novel?

Do you need some direction and support to make that a reality?

We understand. We’re here to help.

We believe your voice should be heard. Our Arche Year course will guide you, week by week, through the novel writing process. With our unique program and professional support, you will accomplish your goals and be positioned for success.

As C.S. Lewis famously said, “The world does not need more Christian literature. What it needs is more Christians writing good literature.” We agree. This course is open to all Christian writers who want to see their values embedded in their work. We encourage you to push the boundaries of “Christian” literature.

Arche Year is a part-time online training program for Christian novelists. If you can devote 6-10 hours per week to the course and follow the course guidance, you will complete a novel manuscript you’ll be proud of in less than nine months as well as establish a professional author’s platform.

This program is open to students of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels. The course is available on-demand from the Kingdom Writers Guild. Sign up and get started today.

Arche Year Christian Writing Training Program

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How does the class work?

All classes are pre-recorded and available on-demand. You may review them as many times as you’d like.

The class will begin with a 4-week novel-writing intensive. This proven program will coach you through a comprehensive process to plan, organize, and execute a novel manuscript. You can begin this process with or without an existing idea.

As you write your novel, our 21-class professional development course will prepare you for professional publication. These classes will put you in a position to attract the attention of publishers or agents, or to develop your own fanbase and sales audience if you’d prefer to self-publish.

There are two ways to participate: Arche Year Class or Arche Year Cohort. In addition to the on-demand courses, the Cohort includes personalized coaching, one-on-one mentorship, and small group support with Brad Pauquette, a publishing industry expert and the lead teacher of the School of Kingdom Writers.

Two Ways to Participate

Arche Year Class

A complete novel-writing course, followed by a 9-month (21 classes) series to prepare you for professional publication. Self-paced (on-demand) or follow the published schedule.

4-week Novel Writing Intensive

  • Organize and outline a novel concept in which you can be confident
  • Complete a novel manuscript in 9 months
  • Understand the publication process

21-class Professional Development Course

  • Build a professional author's platform (website, social media, and community connections)
  • Learn how the publishing industry works
  • Prepare to find agent representation or self-publish

Online Support Group

  • Private Facebook group for questions and peer support
  • Private forum exclusively for students

Tuition: $10/month for unlimited on-demand access to courses, support forum, and other resources.*

Application: Simple Registration, Open to All

*Students may view classes on-demand and proceed self-paced, but you'll get the most benefit from the course by proceeding according to the suggested syllabus. 

Arche Year Cohort

Applications Closed for 2021-22 Cohort.

Arche Year class plus small group support, one-on-one coaching, manuscript development, and ongoing mentoring with Brad Pauquette.

Students who fulfill the time commitment and follow the course guidance have a 100% success rate writing novels and building platforms in less than a year. Meet some of last year's graduates.

4-week Novel Writing Intensive

21-class Professional Development Course

Professional Support

  • Weekly Small Group Support Sessions
  • Individualized Coaching Sessions

Professional Manuscript Development Support

  • In-depth Manuscript Feedback and Guidance
  • Complete One-on-One Consultation and Recommendations

Publication Support

  • Query Letter Preparation
  • Publishing Consultation and Guidance

Complete Workbook - Printed, bound, and shipped to you

Lifetime Access to Course Videos

Tuition: $1,999 (monthly payments available)

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More Information

Our complete course syllabus is available for your review. Find our complete syllabus here.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions below or contact us with questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost? We provide complete access to all of the Arche Year courses for just $10 per month through the Kingdom Writers Guild (KingdomWritersGuild.org).

If you’d like individualized support, you may apply to our Arche Year Cohort, which carries a tuition cost of $1,999.

What’s the difference between the classes and the cohort? The cohort includes the same classes, but also includes a weekly support session, individualized (one-on-one) coaching and guidance, professional support as you develop your manuscript, and support for the agent querying and publication process.

Can I sign up for the class now and decide later if I want to do the cohort? Yes! Please feel free to register for the free classes now, and you’ll immediately have access to the full course. The next time a Cohort is open for enrollment, you can apply.

If I apply for the cohort but am not accepted, can I still take the classes? Yes! If you are not accepted into the cohort, we would love for you to still take the classes. A variety of factors will affect who is accepted into the cohort. If you’re not invited into the cohort, it does not mean you’re a bad writer. You still have lots of potential to serve the Kingdom with an amazing novel, and we hope the Arche Year Classes will be a helpful resource for you.

When does it start? When you register, you’ll immediately gain access to the full catalog of courses.

What will students write? Students will write a narrative novel. By narrative, we mean that it tells a story, not inspirational, informational, or self-help. The story can be fiction or non-fiction (like a memoir or personal story).

While this is a program for Christian writers who want to point people towards Jesus, you are not required to write “Christian books.” We encourage students, if they’d like, to write stories for secular audiences that are subtly infused with the gospel message (think The Chronicles of Narnia), as well as books that realistically tackle dark and difficult topics to “expose the darkness.” (Ephesians 5:11)

Is everything online? Yes, all classes are online.

What kind of spiritual content will be included? We strive to be inclusive of all Christian denominations. You can find our statement of faith here.  This program does not include as much spiritual development as our full-time program. Students will be encouraged to pray, to seek the Lord’s voice and guidance for their writing, and to develop healthy spiritual habits and support systems.

How do I get started? Simply join the Kingdom Writers Guild for $10/month, and you’ll have instant access to Arche Year, as well as all of our other classes and resources! Register here!

Meet the Instructor

Brad Pauquette is a gifted teacher and the director of the School of Kingdom Writers. He is a recognized publishing expert and consultant specializing in new author development.

Brad’s international client list includes New York Times bestselling and award-winning authors, professional athletes, and lots of novice writers with big ideas.

Brad founded and sold three publishing imprints. He is presently the owner of Columbus Press, and the president of the Ohio Writers’ Association.

Brad will be the primary instructor for all courses in this program, as well as provide consultation and support for Cohort members.

“Brad Pauquette helped me find my voice as an author. His strategic yet creative approach to writing helped me transform my story from words to sales.”

— Christopher Stollar, award-winning author of The Black Lens

Former Student Reviews

These quotes are pulled from anonymous student evaluations of Arche Year and a similar course offered by the Ohio Writers’ Association, both of which carried a tuition. Arche Year 2019 carried a tuition cost of $2,700.

“The course delivered! Brad is a great teacher.”

“I’ve taken a few novel writing classes and this one was the most helpful. Worth it. “

“Brad is helpful, clear and encouraging. Also very realistic, which I like.”

“Brad has a terrific, conversational way of conveying his concepts. His enthusiasm and use of specific pop-culture examples made the class very accessible.”

“It has always been a dream of mine to write a book. Taking this class made that a reality.”

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