Register for Arche Year – Two Paths

There are two ways that you can register for Arche Year.

Arche Year Class costs just $10/month for unlimited on-demand access. The small monthly fee helps to cover our costs to host and provide the videos. This option includes all of the classes as well as access to our online support group.

Students can self-pace the course, or they can move along according to our published schedule. Using the recommended schedule will help students make the most of Q&A sessions, group discussions, and other resources. Find the syllabus (with recommended schedule) here.

Arche Year Cohort is our premium version of the class which includes small group support, one-on-one coaching, and manuscript development with Brad Pauquette, the director and lead teacher of the School of Kingdom Writers. The cohort carries a tuition cost of $1,999, and is limited to 12 students. Unlimited, on-demand access to all of the class videos is included.

For either option, the recorded videos are available on-demand from KingdomWritersGuild.org and can be accessed at any time.

Please choose the best option for you from the boxes below:

Arche Year Class

A complete novel-writing course, followed by a 9-month (21 classes) series to prepare you for professional publication. Self-paced (on-demand) or follow the published schedule.

4-week Novel Writing Intensive

  • Organize and outline a novel concept in which you can be confident
  • Complete a novel manuscript in 9 months
  • Understand the publication process

21-class Professional Development Course

  • Build a professional author's platform (website, social media, and community connections)
  • Learn how the publishing industry works
  • Prepare to find agent representation or self-publish

Online Support Group

  • Private Facebook group for questions and peer support
  • Private forum exclusively for students

Tuition: $10/month for unlimited on-demand access to courses, support forum, and other resources.*

Application: Simple Registration, Open to All

*Students may view classes on-demand and proceed self-paced, but you'll get the most benefit from the course by proceeding according to the suggested syllabus. 

Arche Year Cohort

Arche Year class plus small group support, one-on-one coaching, manuscript development, and ongoing mentoring with Brad Pauquette.

Students who fulfill the time commitment and follow the course guidance have a 100% success rate writing novels and building platforms in less than a year. Meet some of last year's graduates.

4-week Novel Writing Intensive

21-class Professional Development Course

Professional Support

  • Weekly Small Group Support Sessions
  • Individualized Coaching Sessions

Professional Manuscript Development Support

  • In-depth Manuscript Feedback and Guidance
  • Complete One-on-One Consultation and Recommendations

Publication Support

  • Query Letter Preparation
  • Publishing Consultation and Guidance

Complete Workbook - Printed, bound, and shipped to you

Lifetime Access to Course Videos

Tuition: $199/month for 9 months. ($1,899 total)

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Not sure which one is right for you?

Please contact us at archeyear@sokw.org. We’d love to have a conversation with you. We’ll answer your questions and help you choose the best path.

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