Arche Year 2020 Workbook

Arche Year Workbook: Workbook I, written by Brad Pauquette, will be an invaluable asset for students of the 2020 Arche Year class. This workbook is not mandatory, and you may complete the course without it, however, it will supply a number of helpful resources as well reinforce the course material of the novel-writing intensive portion of the class.

The workbook includes worksheets for all of the key concepts covered in the first 4 weeks of the class, as well as complete blank planning documents for a novel project. This is a digital download which can be printed on standard paper.

This workbook is available pay-as-you can, with a suggested donation of $20 USD. You may set your own price and pay as you are able. Please consider donating more in honor of those who can’t pay the recommended amount.

This workbook is available exclusively for members of the 2020 Arche Year class. It is licensed for the personal use of the downloader. Please do not copy or distribute to others without permission.

Note: We will send the workbook to the email address associated with your payment. If you would like us to send it to a different email address, please tell us in the notes on the order.

After we receive your order, the digital workbook will be mailed to you no later than September 7, 2020. Please keep an eye on your email. You may print the workbook for yourself at your leisure.

The workbook is only for your personal use, but if you would like more than one copy of any of the worksheets or exercises, you are free to print as many copies for your own use as you would like.


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