Empowering Christian Writers

We are tired of a mainstream media that’s full of darkness. It seems like right now the only alternative is Christian media that’s cheesy crap.

To that end, we are empowering a new breed of Christian writers. These writers know how to craft great stories and they know how to get those stories out to large audiences.

We are building a new American media with Christ at the center.

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Kingdom Writers Guild

Ready to take your writing to the next level? The Kingdom Writers Guild is the home of our all of our resources for the Christian writing community.

Check it out and become a member at KingdomWritersGuild.org.

Kingdom Writers Guild
The Three Publishing Paths by Brad Pauquette

Free Publishing Guide

The book publishing industry feels confusing, but it doesn’t have to!

In this informative guide, Brad Pauquette breaks down the three major types of opportunities you’ll find in the publishing industry. When you’re done, you’ll understand the advantages, disadvantages, pitfalls, and scams of each one. 

Arche Year – Part Time Christian Writing Program

Our innovative Arche Year program will train you to develop and write any novel idea, and teach you how to build a professional author’s marketing platform. In less than one year, you’ll write a complete novel manuscript and be ready to attract the attention of agents or publishers.

Arche Year Christian Writing Training Program
30-day prayer challenge

30-Day Prayer Challenge

We are not powerless against the media. It’s time to take action. You are the solution. Your prayers matter. Will you unite in prayer with other believers, in targeted prayer for the media for 30 days?

Map of the Media

Praying for the media is no different than praying for missions initiatives in a foreign country. We are training natives of the media and filling them with the Holy Spirit, then returning them to their peers to share the light and love of Jesus.

The map of the media is a prayer tool. Use this free resource to focus and organize your prayers for the media.

Media Map

Podcast Institute

Ready to take the world by storm and build your author brand with a podcast?

Our online course will help you build a podcast from scratch. In just three weeks, you’ll be ready to setup, record, produce, and distribute your own podcast.

Discerning a Call to Write Webinar

How do you know if you’ve been called to write? What does that even mean?

This practical webinar will help you sort through the idea of “calling,” and how that relates to the life of a vocational writer.

Brad Pauquette teaching

We are transforming the American media. We are training writers to advance the Kingdom. You’re an important part of that mission.

Support the School of Kingdom Writers today.

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