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Lindsey Backen is the author of several books including, Across the Distance, Swing, and the Between Series. Her books cross genres and themes: like life, their stories weave the best and worst of moments, triumphs, and traumas.

Her fiction is deeply character-driven, centered around the inner worlds of the characters as they face outer challenges, confront their own flaws, and navigate family relationships.

After studying music and theater in college, Lindsey went on to teach herself the various aspects of writing and publishing. She created her own book imprint in 2015. Navigating easily between theater and writing, she uses acting techniques to develop character-driven fiction and has also written and produced over six plays.

She loves everything about the process of creating books, from writing, to layout, to recording audio books. Her goals include creating beautiful books with covers as unique as the stories they hold and to expand her books into films.

The School of Kingdom Writers is a 501(c)3 educational organization. Any funds raised in excess of Lindsey’s tuition responsibilities will be allocated to our general fund.

Lindsey Backen

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