Transform the American Media

The secular entertainment industry has more influence in America right now than the Bible does.

Our worldview and ideas are shaped by Netflix, Sony, Disney, and Paramount. Will we let this persist, or will we stand up and do something about it?

The Bible says in Psalm 24:1, “The Earth is the Lord’s and everything in it…” That includes the media. It was God’s to begin with, but the church has surrendered it to darkness.

It’s time to reclaim what belongs to the Kingdom. We’re raising up every believer to disrupt our entertainment culture. It’s time for every Christian to stand for truth in our media spaces.

Every Believer Has a Role

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Invite Brad Pauquette to Speak at Your Church, Small Group, or Club

Watch this 3-minute video for a taste of the commission Brad Pauquette will bring.

We’re empowering every believer to use the media for the gospel and to use their influence where God has placed them.

Thank you to Jeff Lucas of the Plain City Vineyard for the invitation to speak and to Chris Jones for facilitating the video recording.

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