Arche Year Application

Thank you for your interest in Arche Year. This is an elite program for a small group of students, but we’re not necessarily looking for the applicants with the best credentials. Candidates of all backgrounds and experience levels are encouraged to apply.

All applications must be received by December 15.

Application Instructions

Send an email to with the subject line “Arche Year 2020,” with the following information. Your ability to accomplish this is part of the test. Once again, we are not looking for students with the best credentials. Please answer honestly, as your answers won’t exclude you from consideration.

Please include:

Name and Contact Information

Brief biography of yourself


Briefly answer the following questions:

  1. How does your relationship with Jesus influence your writing?
  2. When did you decide you were “all-in” for Jesus?
  3. What is your previous writing experience?
  4. Please tell us about your education.
  5. Why is Arche Year the perfect program for you?
  6. How are you going to make 10 hours per week available in the coming year?
  7. We expect incidental absences, but if selected for the program, do you have any ongoing conflicts on Thursday evenings or Saturday afternoons that would prevent you from attending all of the live classes and meetings between January and September 2020?


Please attach one writing sample as a Word DOC or PDF. It can be anything—essay, poem, short story, newspaper clipping, blog post, novel chapter, church bulletin.

Next Steps

As applications come in, we’ll contact candidates with further questions or a request for more information. We may request additional writing samples.

Prior to acceptance to the program, each viable candidate will be interviewed via video.

All initial applications must be received by December 15. We’ll make final determinations by December 30.

We reserve the right to accept candidates on a rolling basis (as applications are received) and to close the application period prior to December 15.

The program begins on January 9.

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