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Americans are consuming more media than ever before. Books, blogs, podcasts, videos—all of these media begin with a writer. The School of Kingdom Writers is raising up a generation of writers to invade our media spaces with Jesus’s message of love, grace, and forgiveness of sins.

When you support SOKW, you are training full-time writers and content creators to invade the American media with the light and love of Jesus. Your support brings the gospel to the lost in America.

In addition to our ongoing operational costs, we have outgrown our space and are developing a simple, functional campus to train a larger army. With your help, we are leveraging print and digital media to reach every American with the gospel and reclaiming our country from the darkness.

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Prayer is our highest value as an organization. When the Lord's people pray, impossible things begin to happen.

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Support This Mission Financially

When the School of Kingdom Writers is at full capacity in our permanent campus, we will be 100% tuition-funded and no longer require any donor support.

Until that time, we're asking our brothers and sisters in Christ to support this Kingdom work.  Your one-time or ongoing monthly support ensures that we can continue this work. We're committed to putting every dollar raised to its best use.

Your donation provides resources for the American church, funds our campus, and trains writers and content creators to leverage the American media for the gospel.

Want an even easier option? Text the word “GIVE” to (833) 441-3730.

The School of Kingdom Writers is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and all donations are tax-deductible. 
Donations can also be mailed to: School of Kingdom Writers, 35 S. 4th St., Zanesville, OH 43701

You can also buy building materials for us.

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Our graduates will publish books which change hearts and minds for Jesus. They will invade social media spaces with content that glorifies God and shapes perspectives to anticipate the Kingdom of God on Earth. They will improve the quality and effectiveness of the written communications of churches, ministries, and organizations. And they will affect conventional media spaces with the values of God’s Kingdom.

Help us spread the word about this groundbreaking mission!

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We'd love to speak to your church, small group, or organization.

We're passionate about the vision the Lord has given us for this mission, and we love to inspire others to advance the Kingdom of God!

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Please send us an email at info@SOKW.org, or use this contact form to get in touch with us.

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